Two foxes and a dog are living together in the same house

Once upon a time, Juniper was rescued after its mother was killed by hunters. Then the little fox was all alone, it could not take care of itself.But fortunately, it was found by people who raised it in love and care.

Juni got to be friends with a dog named Muz. The hostess made every effort, which allowed completely different animals to find a common language. But a few years ago, the woman learned that another little fox needed help.

The baby’s name was Fick, it was born on a farm where pets are kept for fur. The fox cub had a congenital anomaly, due to a bacterial infection, the pet lost one eye and fingers on its back paw.The girl took the baby with her.

When Fick was in a new house, it was constantly afraid of everything and did not react to the world around it , but Juniper and Moose immediately began to show love and care. Juni gave its favorite rope toy to the new neighbor, and Moose put its ball in Fick’s bed. After a couple of months, the little fox became much more sociable, and Juniper replaced its mother.

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