Two-faced kitten born in South Africa

The owner of the two-faced kitten hastened to give him to the shelter. Volunteers got him a separate page on the social network. The cub was named Betty B because it turned out to be a girl. She really has four paws, one tail, two ears and two faces.

Volunteers regularly publish photos of a special kitten so that subscribers can admire the unusual appearance of the pet, her habits, successes, and growth. Betty B has a pair of noses, two mouths and three eyes. Volunteers assure that you can feed Betty through any of the mouths – the food will still get into the stomach.

Such an anomaly is called janus-cat. Farm owners periodically observe the phenomenon of two-facedness in livestock – cows and pigs. However, among cats this defect is more common, it even has its own definition.

Alas, pets with this pathology do not live long: they usually die either in the womb or immediately after birth. In the case of Betty, so far everything is going well: the kitten feels great, develops and matures

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