The story of saving the cat Varya

Varya was found in Moscow this summer, in a very deplorable state.

She was lying near the entrance, breathing heavily. Blood was flowing from the mouth, eyes and nose. According to the concierge, the cat used to lay in this state all day. The cat was immediately taken to the veterinary clinic.

Judging by the severe injuries, Varya was severely beaten. A broken nose, a dislocated jaw, a cut wound… The doctor could not even immediately determine whether his eyes were still intact.After a couple of months of treatment, Varya turned into a gorgeous young cat.

The vet said taht the cat was about two years old.Perhaps Varya fell out of someone’s window and was then beaten. However, the search for the former owner gave no results. Given the statistics of lost animals, most of which fall out of windows, I would like to remind you that it is always necessary to install special nets on windows if you have cats.

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