The sick dog lives its last days with full of joy

A dog named Kayla, taken from a shelter, spending her last days in joy and positive impressions – people took her in order to give as much happiness as possible before leaving.A couple of volunteers from the USA adopted a sick dog from a shelter to brighten up the last days of her life.

13-year-old Kayla was found on the streets of Brooklyn and taken to a shelter. Veterinarians discovered dangerous diseases in Kayla, including cancer, with which she had to live from 3 to 6 months.The Brooklyn Animal Care Center contacted the Animal Haven organisation, who found her owners through the Fospice program. Anyone can become an owner of an animal under the Fospice program.

The dog’s owner, Gillian , has lost her lovely dog, Chloe, who died at the age of 15. When Gillian saw Kayla at the shelter, she knew she could and wanted to help.The dog learned what it feels like to lie on the couch and sleep on the bed in the arms of a person. She fell in love with the beach.

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