The Pony lives as a pet in Scotland

The Scottish pony, whose named as Wee Bob, who also lives in one Scottish family as an ordinary pet. He has been friends with dogs since childhood, from which he adopted most of the habits and can even open the cabinet where apples are stored.

The owner of the pony is a woman aged 26 years. She also said that her pet was able to open the front door with the advent of cold weather, because it wanted to sit with people by the fire too.

The local population has already got used to the fact that a pony walks everywhere at their neighbor’s house, like a pet.
After the pony figured out how to open the cabinet and get to the fruit, its owner had to think of another place to store apples, otherwise they quickly ran out.

After V realized that it was no longer possible to take apples from the cabinet, he began to approach a tree growing in the yard, pushing it with his head, causing the fruit to fall to the ground. The pony also likes to watch series on TV.

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