The loyal dog has not left the door of the hospital for 20 days. waiting for an injured owner

The loyal dog named Johny,who became an Internet star, has not left the reception of the university hospital for 20 days. This is where the owner entered the hospital. The dog sniffs all the visitors, to feel if they are coming from the owner. Thus, after its owner was injured, Johny reached Armenia from Artsakh by an incredible route: from Artsakh to Goris, from Goris to Bagratashen, from Bagratashen to Yerevan, the dog traveled by all possible and impossible roads, on foot, by car, and walked after the people from whom he smelled his owner.

He was loyal to his owner, whom he met a month ago, and who has already had four operations these days. The dog had been under the rubble for a couple days. Romik Aghekyan – He can’t move, it’s like giving him water with a cotton ball, we gave him half of our food, he stood up like that for 10 days and didn’t go anywhere far from us, like we used to go to the posts, the dog used to be with us always.And Johny is a very careful and smart dog.

The grateful dog regularly saved the lives of Romik and his friends from the army. Romik Aghekyan – I was looking after the dog,everytime when the mines were falling on us .Everytime when mine were coming at us, that dog immediately was running away and starting barking as if it was sign to call us there. That dog has probably saved us more than 10 times.

When Romik was injured, Johnny ran quite a bit after the car, but didn’t reached the car.Then, when his comrades in arms were reinforced, he secretly got into the car with them, reached Goris, and from there Romik asked them to take the dog to its native Bagratash. Then, when his friends came to visit Romik, he followed them to Yerevan and didn’t leave.

Romik and Johnny met once during this time. The owner came down with a wheelchair to see the dog. He is my friend, my battle friend, says the wounded soldier.

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