The little kitten brought back the joy of life to the great dog

This unusual couple of friends are living at the store managers and RSPCA animal rescue workers; Eva Hughes home.They are from Suffolk. Three-year-old Great Dane Shadow and four-month-old kitten George are inseparable.

Eva took the baby George into the house from a shelter. At first, the woman was afraid that the dog would not like the idea of ​​the owner, but it turned out the opposite. As soon as the kitten appeared , the Shadow showed amazing friendliness. He feels that he is much stronger than George, so the dog must protect the baby from any danger.

Even if the kitten scurries to a bowl of water, the Shadow follows the cat – you never know what can happen!According to Eva, there is a strong connection between them : together they do absolutely everything – walk, eat, sleep. Before George entered Shadow’s life, the dog was suffering from severe depression due to the death of his friend, the dog Dizzy. For a long time the dog did not eat anything, but all the time lay on the couch, hiding its head under the pillow. With the advent of George for the Shadow, the sun rose again and the colors returned.

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