The little fox was supposed to become a hat, but instead it found a family

A fox named Damon lives in a family from St. Petersburg, the interesting fact is that the baby accidently survived . As its mistress says, the character of the pet is something between a cat and a dog.Once a family from St. Petersburg decided to get a fox , they began to call different farms,but soon they were rejected in all the animal farms of Russia’s resources.

But they still managed to find a farm located near Moscow, where they agreed to meet with the spouses. When they arrived at the farm and entered the premises, one fox immediately noticed its future owners, who found him a salvation. The month-old pet ran up to them and looked into their eyes.Now the baby has a loving family.

Despite the fact that home conditions are not quite suitable for the fox, it still survived. When Damon grows up, they will build a separate house in the yard for the fox so that it can walk freely.It is difficult for ordinary people to imagine how many such farms exist, as well as how many animals die every year in order for someone to get a fur coat.But, fortunately, there is a movement to save foxes in Russia, and it is becoming more and more widespread. Only the inhabitants of St. Petersburg saved 15 foxes, and throughout Russia there are more than a hundred such animals.

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