The girl saved the life of a hunted street dog and found a friend

16 year old schoolgirl from Bulgaria Anita Valkova saved the life of an exhausted dog and found a devoted friend as a result. The girl was not afraid to come to help.

A sick, dying dog, lying in the yard of one of the Bulgarian schools, was beaten with stones by students. At that moment Anita was passing by.After she saw that,she decided to stop the bullys. Together with a friend, the girl took the wounded animal to a veterinary clinic, where it was washed, fed and given an antibiotic injection.

Anita managed to persuade her mother to take the dog home, besides, the savior had already given the four-legged friend the nickname Alfea. The dog for some time suffered from demodicosis – a skin disease, but then turned into a charming creature and became a full member of the Valkov family.

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