The girl persuaded her father to get a cat in an unusual way

Many people in childhood had dreamed of a pet, while faced with the fact that they have to persuade their parents to get a puppy or kitten. Usually children start crying when they are rejected, but one little girl came up with a way to touch her father.

A girl named Danielle Hrubisik posted a story on her Twitter account about how her sister persuaded her dad to get a kitten.
She wrote that her younger sister created a “wall of sorrow” to get her father’s permission to have a cat. The girl made a wall on which she posted photos and notes about how bad it is for cats without owners.

There were notes on the wall with words like “You’re killing innocent creatures”, “Look how sad they are” and other pitiful phrases. The girl even used a photo of a crying kitten.

Apparently, the father was surprised at what his baby is capable of. But the main thing is that the girl managed to achieve what she wanted, and she was able to get a pet, which she now has to take care of.

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