The girl jumped into the river after the dog, which was being drown by the owner

In the Latvian city Rezekne, a man tried to drown a dog. In the morning Christina went out for a walk with the dog. There is a wasteland,behind the house where she lives .next to the river. Suddenly the girl heard a plaintive squeal.

She went to see what happend. She saw how the owner of a dog tied a brick to the animal’s neck and threw it into the river.The girl understood that the dog needed to be saved. But being alone with a strange type was scary. The place is deaf, there are no people nearby. Christina rushed headlong into the yard, ran up to a stranger and asked for help.

Together they went back to the river.She threw herself into the icy water and pulled the dog ashore.The guy helped Christina get ashore. She put on her shoes and ran to meet the the dog. Shaking with fear, the dog was wrapped in a blanket and taken to a veterinary clinic. The dog is living its best life with a good family in Latvia.

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