The foxes fell in love with their savior and didn’t want to leave him

Once, an Irishman named Patsy Gibbons found a box with a little fox in the street, which was hungry, helpless and exhausted. When Patsy saw the baby, he realized that he could not leave it on the street. The man didnt even planned to raise foxes, it just happened to him by itself.After some short time the little fox become his friend.

After a while, Patsy helped two more cubs to survive, which were abandoned. It is not clear why the animals ended up without parental care, but they could not survive in the wild on their own.

Now Patsy Gibbons has become their fox dad. All fox cubs have names, the man considers them his family and receives the same love from them. He said that when he nursed the cubs, he wanted to set them free, but they never left him, so simply they followed him like dogs.

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