The four-legged hero saved the deer’s life

A golden retriever heroically saved a deer drowning in the ocean.

According to the owner of the dog, Mark Friley, on July sixteen, he took the dog for a walk as normal and didn’t foresee any disaster. At eighth a.m.

early in the morning, Firley was walking his dog on the oceanfront in Long Island when the dog was thrown into the water by the waves. Friley filmed his dog’s feat, with the video showing the dog coming ashore with something large clamped in its teeth. When the dog came ashore, the man realized that his dog named Storm had rescued a deer. The dog is also seen carefully placing the deer on the sand and even trying to consolation it by licking it.

The deer looked very exhausted, but was breathing and alive. Friley and the dog stayed with the deer until vets arrived. The experts said that nothing threatens the deer’s life and it’ll recover soon. The video, posted on Friley’s Facebook page, went viral within hours, garnering more than one million views and 30.000 reposts within twenty-four hours of being posted.

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