The dog was fitted with prosthetic legs

Meet Brutus, a two-year-old Rottweiler who lives in Loveland, Colorado.The first owners of Brutus left it as a puppy on the street in severe frost and the baby got frostbite on his paws. After that, the owners tried to perform the operation themselves and amputate the puppy’s paws, as a result of which the dog remained disabled for life and lost the ability to walk.

The dog had to amputate all four legs.However, Brutus soon found a new family who fell in love with it and tried to do everything so that the dog could walk and feel happy.The prostheses, which were able to completely replace all four limbs of the animal, were made at the OrthoPets clinic (Colorado).

The operation cost $10,000, volunteers helped the owner of the dog -Laura Aquilina to get money.They made prostheses for the dog in the end of 2014.Six months later, Brutus was already moving around the house quite well. On the street, he feels insecure, but Laura has no doubt that very soon Brutus will even be able to play with other dogs.

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