The dog visits the church every day for a few hours

Once upon a time, Ciccio was betrayed by its owners, they left their pet alone in the desert. It turned out that this was for the best, because the dog found a man who really loved it . The dog was adopted by a 57-year-old woman who lived near the desert. But, unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever.

Fortunately, a 57-year-old woman named Maria-Margarita Landman lived near the desert. When she found the animal, she decided to take it home with her. Then the life of both changed, they were able to find true loyal friends.

Maria used to attend the church every Sunday, and the dog was with her all this time, lying next to her or at her feet. The animal did not make any sounds and did not interfere with the hostess.However, such a happy life for Ciccio ended when Maria died in November 2012. The pet was very homesick, it was always near the coffin, and the dog even visited the church and waited for Mary, like every Sunday.

Now, every time Ciccio hears the bell ring, he goes to church out of habit, where the pet spends a couple of hours, grieving for its mistress.

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