The dog saved the life of its new owner

A resident of New Jersey, U.S.A., took a six year old German shepherd from a shelter that later saved his life.

The dog named Sadie appeared in a shelter for the animals when its owner changed his place of residence. Although the dog is known to be especially neurotic with men, Brian felt very special connection to Sadie. He appreciated the dog’s intelligence and unconditional devotion that wasn’t easy to capture.Last week, Brian had stroke at home. Saddie immediately came to help him. The dog licked the face of the new owner, so that he doesn’t lose consciousness and help a man move in the room to reach his phone.

The man has admitted that if there wasnt the dog, he wouldn’t have been able to call an ambulance.

As long as the American recovers from what happened, his realtieves are taking care of Sadie.

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