The cat, who used to be a victim of a dog attack,now happily takes care of the puppy

The pregnant cat, recently became a victim of an attack by stray dogs, which almost tore the poor thing to pieces. However, Gertrude’s further behavior surprised and shocked everyone.

The wounded cat was discovered by a local woman who took Gertrude to the veterinary clinic of the humane society Compassion Without Borders. Employees of this organization are engaged in saving stray dogs and cats, taking them from the streets and placing them in families.Gertrude had an emergency operation, as she was literally torn to pieces by dogs. Unfortunately, the kittens could not be saved, but the cat survived the operation well and recovered quickly. At the same time, a small puppy- girl who was named Clementine was brought to the clinic .

The fate of the baby is no less sad: together with her brothers and sisters, a baby was born in the family, but soon after the birth of the puppies, she fell ill. The owner took them to the clinic and abandoned them.So the cat and the puppy began to live together, and after a few weeks a temporary family was found that accepted them both. Gertrude and Clementine behave themselves like mother and cub, they are feeling very good together.

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