The cat named Le Pew looks like an unheard cross between a pug and a Persian

The interesting cat Le Pew is five years old. Now it lives in a permanent family, it is well cared and loved, but a little earlier it was a homeless cat.

Le Pew was picked up in Florida in a deplorable state: the poor cat was suffering from a urinary tract infection, was breathing badly, and no one knew how to fix its long matted hair.In the shelter where Le Pew was brought from the street, they didn’t know how to comb its dirty, stuck together

“curls”, so without ceremony they simply shaved the pet bald. At that moment, the cat transformed into an incredibly charming cross between a pug and a Persian.

Le Pew had to visit several more shelters, but, finally, it was taken in by the current owner, Jessica Lorman, who at first sight fell in love with an unusual cat with a soulful look. According to the woman, Le Pew’s eyes literally hypnotized her, so there could be no other solution than to take the cat with her.Despite the pug’s perpetually disgruntled face, Le Pew turned out to be an affectionate and friendly pet who got along well with other cats in the house, also adopted from the shelter.

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