The Cat Mickey helped firefighters and wore a helmet

In the last century, a real fire cat lived at a fire station. The cat knew how to do everything that firefighters should be able to do and wore a helmet.

Then the cat was a local star.In the 1930s, an unusual cat named Mickey lived at a fire station in Minneapolis. He knew how to wear a helmet and climb down a pole. When a video of a cat from the archive was published on Facebook, it immediately became very popular.

Judging by the photos and videos, the cat acted as an ordinary firefighter. Mickey went with rescuers on calls, “played” dominoes with them and, of course, never forgot about safety, so it always wore a helmet.Unfortunately, the ability to roll down the pole took the life of the cat. In 1937, the cat died, he jumped on the pole, but missed. Mickey fell from a height of almost five meters, which led to serious injuries of the cervical vertebrae, because of which he died. Mickey was buried with his personal little fireman’s helmet.

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