Soon Otti will officially become the smallest donkey in the world

There is a little donkey named Ottie who lives in the UK. It is only nine- months-old, but very soon it will become the smallest donkey in the world. Now the growth of the donkey is only 48 centimeters.

According to the rules, an animal can receive a title only after it turns one year old. However, the owner of the pet is sure that it wont increase .
According to farm owner Cheryl Griffiths, Otti is not at all like a donkey, in its character the little donkey is more like a mischievous dog.

Once upon a time, a woman had a back injury, as a result she couldnt ride a horse. Therefore, she devoted her life to breeding little horses.
In future, this tiny donkey will become a psychotherapy animal, so he will help people who need it.

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