Russia’s biggest cat lives in Karelia

Residents of Petrozavodsk published in the local newspaper photos of their large-sized cat named Maximus, a cross between a Maine Coon and a Siberian.

Masenka, as pet owners affectionately call it, can easily compete for the title of the largest cat in Russia.The cat was a gift from the spouses to themselves for the fifth anniversary of family life. Masenka has grown up and now he can not only catch mice, but also guard the apartment. Masenka almost never goes outside – it does not like that, preferring to breathe air on the balcony.

Not a single harness for walking cats can withstand the dimensions of Maximus – the metal connecting rings simply can unbend. The owners had to purchase a dog harness for the pet to be more reliable.In the evenings, Masenka likes to listen to fairy tales with her owners’ three-year-old daughter.

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