Probably, in past life, the good-natured hedgehog Waldo was a dog

The happy hedgehog named Waldo lives in Farnborough with his keepers Nicky Brown and Jack Dicken. This is not an ordinary hedgehog – it does not grumble or get angry, but on the contrary, it likes to smile and gets along well with everyone.Every Friday Nicky and Jack go to the pub where they meet their friends and relax. For some time now they are taking Waldo with them too, where they treat the hedgehog with sweet corn, which makes the pet even more cheerful and good-natured.

Waldo gets along great with everyone, even with dogs.

The owners of Waldo believe that in a past life, their hedgehog, obviously, was a dog, because the pet’s behavior cannot be called typical for its species. Usually hedgehogs do not like anyone’s company, they constantly grumble and strive to sit out in a dark corner – Waldo behaves radically differently. In addition to it, three more dogs live in the house, with whom the hedgehog is on excellent terms, they often spend time together.

Nicky and Jack has adopted an incredible hedgehog recently from an animal shelter. The animal gives everyone his friendliness and warmth, so people often give different gifts to that prickly ball.

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