Pit bull rescued a dying puppy: an amazing story

A three-month-old puppy who almost died of a serious head injury got a new chance to be alive thanks to a neighbor’s pit bull.Pit bull Ace deviated from the usual route during a walk and led his owner to an abandoned building in Jersey City, where he found the puppy Theo. The baby had a wound on his head and was almost blind.

The man took the animal to a local shelter, and although there was little chance of it, Theo still climbed out and demonstrated an amazing recovery.

Now the baby is in New York, its vision was preserved. Theo has a great appetite and is already trying to walk on its own.”Its rescue was possible by the pit bull Ace, a true dog hero,” says shelter volunteer Alyssa Ellman.

As reported by the “Observer”, the network conquered the contract of an enterprising father, signed with the children before buying a dog.

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