Not in word, but in deed: a woman saved an old dog from euthanasia

The owner brought an elderly dog named Jayripo to the Lancaster County Shelter to euthanized it due to a terminal illness. The story got viral on the Internet, and one caring woman from an audience of many thousands decided to come to the dog’s rescue.The shelters staff decided to wait for outsides help.

The story of a dog named Jeyripo was published on social networks, but there was no effective help, despite the abundance of likes and comments.Christina Morgan from California, founder of Paw Works in Ventura County, noticed the Facebook post and decided to take action. In the middle of the night, ignoring her husband’s indignation, she got into the car and drove for Jaripo. On the same day, the woman took the old dog home, and even the cat with a gunshot wound, and four other dogs.

It was later confirmed by a veterinarian that Jayripo was suffering from pain in his hips and spine, and was also missing several of his teeth. At the same time, the blood test turned out to be good, which became the decisive factor for the shelter to give the pet to a caring woman.It is known that today the dog lives in a new foster family. So, without hesitation for a long time, Christina Morgan saved an innocent life.

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