Lynx and deer became pets of the rescuer

A man named George is a brave lifeguard who lives in an area that has recently started to suffer severe fire. Every day he went to work, where he put out the fire at the cost of his health and saved many people and animals.Once the rescuer returned home, it was an unusual day, as he brought two babies who, most likely, had lost their parents in a fire.

Since George understood that the cubs could not survive on their own, he took them home.Since then, a deer and a lynx have settled at the man’s house. Of course, perhaps this act will seem wild and incomprehensible to someone, but George believes that he did the right thing. The man does not regret that he did not let the small animal die in the fire.

The rescuer notes that the little animals did not deserve such a death.Time passed, and a small lynx and a deer grew up, and became more and more mature. George decided long ago that he would leave the animals to live with him, since without him it would be difficult for them to survive.

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