Little kitten miraculously survived after the attack of a brutal raccoon

It is not only man who can act cruelly with helpless animals. Sometimes it happens that they suffer from other animals.

This is exactly what happened to the little kitten’s family. A cat and two of its kittens were killed by a brutal raccoon. Fortunately, some of the kittens survived. First, rescuers found two live kittens, and then they heard a quiet meow and saw an almost dead kitten.The kitten was badly hurt by raccoon bites. The poor fellow has an infection, fleas and an improperly healed broken jaw. In addition, the baby missed the one eye.

The kitten was no more than six weeks old and weighed 400 grams. The animal was named Sir Staffington. Doctors have made every effort to cure the baby.When the kitten was cured, it and its brothers were sent for overexposure, but the temporary owner liked the cat very much, so she decided to leave Sir Staffington to live with her. The woman made a bandage for the kitten, like a pirate. Now the baby looks charming in a bandage.

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