In Pittsburgh, overfed Chihuahua was thrown out into the street by the owners

Just a year ago, a nine-year-old Chihuahua named Lu-Sil from Pittsburgh weighed out of the norms of its breeds – as much as seven kilograms.

The owners put the sick pet on the street, where it was picked up by volunteers from the animal shelter.Fortunately, Lu-Sil was quickly taken by its new owner, Julia Morley, who promptly set about restoring the Chihuahua’s former shape. Due to the excess weight, the dog could hardly walk, as the ligaments on the hind legs were torn and arthritis developed.

The owner took the dog to the veterinarian, who compiled a special diet and training system for it to bring the poor dog back its normal state. Soon Lu-Sil lost three kilograms, and this is not the limit.Rescued Chihuahua takes medication for joint pain, and also walks a lot and with pleasure.

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