In Florida, a German Shepherd rescued a seven-year-old mistress from a rattlesnake attack

An exciting story happened in Florida, in the town of Tampa: a German shepherd named House heroically saved the life of her owner, seven-year-old Molly Deluca. The dog shielded the girl with his body from the attack of a poisonous rattlesnake and was subjected to numerous bites of a predator.

It all started with the fact that during a walk in the garden with Molly and her grandmother, a dog named House suddenly became worried. The shepherd growled and stood in front of the mistress of a strong wall, as if wanting to protect her from someone. Then House began to make strange movements – he jumped up and took a step back, then jumped again and moved forward a step. As it turned out later, the faithful animal reflected the actions of the attacking rattlesnake.

After some time, House’s front paw swelled up, and the dog was hastily taken to a veterinary clinic, where specialists diagnosed three snake bites. By that time, the poison had already begun to affect the dog’s kidneys, however, as the doctors said, the shepherd could be saved.

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