In Chornomorsk, the serval disappeared for several days

Recently, in the city of Chernomorsk, a serval ran away from home. Its owner was very worried about the serval and tried her best to find it. The girl posted flyers around the city and wandered around the city almost without interruption.Kristina took the serval as a kitten, at first she even fed it from a baby bottle. Now the weight of the animal almost reaches 30 kilograms.

The locals were worried that the serval might be dangerous, but the woman assured that it would not harm a person.Only a few days later, a girl called Christina and said that the animal was sitting calmly next to her.

The woman immediately went to the specified address, where she was finally able to see her beloved pet. There were some small scratches on his skin, most likely he got into a fight with another animal.

Christina first fed the cat, and then went home with him.The girl promises that she will install nets on the windows so that this does not happen again, and in the spring a large aviary will be built for the serval, where it will be able to walk freely.

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