In Brazil,the horse began to cry at the owner’s funeral

Pets are known for their loyalty to their owners. The Brazilian kept a horse nicknamed Sereno for many years. There was a strong relationship between them, sincere friendship, which was cut after the death of a man in a car accident.

The brother of the deceased Vando, knows how much Sereno was meant to Wagner, so he decided to bring the horse to the burial ceremony-for the last meeting of friends. During the funeral, something incredible happened: the horse began to make sounds similar to crying and sobbing.The horse went up to the coffin of the owner, sniffed it, and then raised its head and neighed loudly, with longing.

People could not hold back their tears at the sight of such a touching scene. All the way to the funeral Sereno was beating the ground with his hooves and crying. Near the grave, he bowed his head and froze like that, saying goodbye to Wagner forever.

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