In Beirut, a woman saved an emaciated kitten from death in a ditch

This uncomplicated, but very touching story took place in Lebanon, in the city of Beirut. A woman with children was passing by a dirty sewer, from which a thin squeak suddenly came from. As it turned out, a tiny kitten was sitting in a garbage heap, clinging to life with all its last strength.

The woman immediately called Animals Lebanon, and rescuer Lana El-Hahil quickly arrived . Together, the women managed to get a wet, trembling baby out of the ditch. Its condition was terrible: , the baby got hypothermia, he almost did not move.The poor animal was taken to Animals Lebanon and given first aid. The kitten was a girl and weighed only 190 grams. According to the women, they did not know if the girl would live until morning, but they did not give up and began to warm her with a bottle of warm water and soft towels.

The baby was given a special supporting mixture in small portions.On the second day, the kitten regained its appetite and greedily rushed to any offered food. Also, it began to respond to care and affection. The weight of the baby rapidly went up, the mood rose to the point that a desire to purr and play appeared. The grateful kitten is looking forward to the arrival of Maggie – his savior, so that he can quickly climb into her lap and fall asleep.

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