In Astrakhan, a stray dog saved a girl who was almost carried away by the current

A stray dog named Philemon saved a girl who was carried away by the river, according to the publication “PointA”.

This story became known only now thanks to the zoo volunteer Irina Chumak. It turned out that a group of children were swimming in the Kutum River, and a girl of 5-6 years old began to be carried downstream. No one noticed except the dog. When the current carried the child away for a long distance, the animal swam up, grabbed the “skirt” of the lifebuoy in its teeth and dragged the girl to the shore. There was the little girl’s uncle who was waitting for her on the shore and with whom she went to the river.

No one needed medical help.According to the zoovolunteer, the dog is not aggressive, does not bark and its well getting along with people. The Border Collie is called one of the smartest breeds in the world.

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