How the dog saved a little girl’s life

In Poland, a dog saved a small girl from death. Three year old Julia got lost late in the evening, and 350 rescuers were searching for her for 15 hours, and found her only in the morning, a few kilometers from home.

All night there was a severe frost, and the animal warmed the child with its warmth.Yulia has already been taken to the children’s department of the hospital . The doctor said, that nothing threatens her life, but there is a slight frostbite of her legs and arms.

All night the child was in a 5-degree frost, 3 and a half kilometers from her home in a ditch by the road, where volunteer firefighters found her at about 7 o’clock in the morning.The dog left the yard with the little girl. The whole night she was with the baby and warmed her with her warmth. Yulia’s grandmother says that her granddaughter and the dog have a special relationship.

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