Noseless kitten conquers Instagram

The noseless kitten Nigel, who lost part of its face due to an infection and has already seen a lot in its short life, wins the hearts of Instagram users, where it has already collected almost 3 thousand subscribers.Nigel was found by passers-by in a trash can in Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA in July of this year and taken to the MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center.

The kitten at that time was only 6 weeks old and was in a very bad condition – dirty, hungry and sick, and almost immediately after entering the center, part of Nigel’s face fell off, as a result of which the poor fellow was left without a nose.

Fortunately, the veterinarians managed to prescribe the necessary treatment to the kitten.After a short course of rehabilitation therapy, the kitten will be ready to go to a foster family, which, apparently, will not be difficult for it to find..

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