A dog without a paw and a girl without a hand became inseparable friends

Baby Ella Peggy was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, which left her without left arm.

The injury does not prevent the girl from growing and developing like any ordinary child, and Ella successfully compensates for the lack of a hand with her head and legs. According to her mother Brooke Hodgson, the girl quickly and easily adapts to any difficulties.One day, Brooke saw on TV a report from an animal shelter, where they showed a three-legged dog, a cross between a Staffordshire and a Boston terrier named Snowball (Snowy) and realized that this dog could be the perfect companion for her daughter.

Brooke wrote a touching letter to the Queensland Animal Welfare League asking her to give the dog to her family.Now this family from Queensland can be called exemplary: husband, wife, two children (Ella has an older brother) and a cheerful pet. At first, it was not easy for the girl to get used to a very active dog, but now they are like water.

Snowball was not born crippled, his paw was surgically removed due to an injury. According to Ella’s mother, they love to sit together and her daughter often hugs him.

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