Female chimpanzee raises little tigers in South Carolina

A chimpanzee named Ajanta lives at the Institute of Rare and Endangered Species. A feature of the monkey is that it takes care of other babies in the center, among which there are even lions and tigers.In the US state of South Carolina, there is a unique Institute for rare and endangered species of animals. An employee of the institute named China York is engaged in nursing and raising the cubs.

The woman has one amazing student. Chimpanzee Ajanta is distinguished by a sharp mind and beauty, it has been brought once by the woman, since then the monkey has become a real helper.Ajanta helps to take care of weakened and helpless babies very well. According to the owner of the center, the monkey copies the behavior of a loved one and therefore takes care of all the animals, even small lions, tigers and orangutans.

The monkey uses games, hugs and feedings, she does everything to make the babies as comfortable as possible. Some of the cubs found in Ajanta not just a caregiver, but a mother, these babies were white tiger cubs.The cubs were born during a hurricane, their house was completely flooded, their mother was under a lot of stress, so it was dangerous to leave the kittens with her. The cubs were sent to a shelter, where they quickly became attached to the monkey. Even though the cubs have grown up, they are still attached to their foster mother.

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