Duck brings ducklings to school in Oregon

In the American town of Eugene in Oregon, the students and teachers of the Prairie Mountain School observe a funny tradition: everyone gathers in the lobby and follows the gaze of a duck with a brood of ducklings. This happens once a year in the spring.

Where did this unusual tradition comes from? Turns out that the duck has been laying her eggs in the backyard of the school for years. The proud mother shows herself at the door in the backyard of the school,takes off her ducklings through the halls and the corridor, hides behind the door of the main entrance, brings the offspring out into the street and stops near the reservoir.

It happened that the duck got lost in the direction, getting entangled in the corridors. Then people lined up in a living corridor and helped the waterfowl find the right path. Sometimes the teachers help the duck with pointers.

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