Dog rescued from drug addiction in Afghanistan

A video about a dog from Afghanistan gained thousands of views. The video showed a puppy thrashing against a wall.
Since 93% of opium is grown in Afghanistan, there are a lot of drug addicts there, they live on the streets of Kabul and under the alleys of bridges, and homeless dogs live with them.

Nesha also lived there with the drug addict. Along with the food, the animal received drugs and thus inherited the dependence of the owner.
Nowzad shelter co-founder Hanna Surowinski says their doctors were horrified by what they saw. One of the veterinarians Muytaba Rezayi immediately went for Nesha.

When Rezayi arrived, the owner did not want to give the animal away and said that Nesha would die if she was not given three doses a day. The next day, the doctor arrived with help, they waited until the owner of the animal left and quickly took Nesha away.
Rezayi recalls that the dog was very weak and could not even walk normally, and from the fact that she was not given drugs, she hit her head against the wall.

The dog had inflamed wounds and its paws were too weak. Veterinarians treated wounds with antibiotics and gave Nesha bone supplements. There was very little hope for the restoration of the animal. But in the end, the dog was able to get rid of the addiction, and then even began to walk on her own.
Now Nesha is looking for a home in the UK or the USA.

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