Dingo saved the child with his warmth

A lost three-year-old girl managed to survive a cold night in the hills near the city of Nespeloma, Wisconsin (USA),by hugging her domestic dingo dog named Tip.

Last Wednesday, Ayana Picard was found perfectly healthy after she left her home on the Colville Indian Reservation on Tuesday night.150 people were looking for her.After she was found by Jack Skumheist.”I was about to take a break and have a snack when I suddenly saw a small dog, and a little girl under it. This dog is a true hero.”

The dog was laying on the child’s body all night, warming it with its warmth. Then it turned out that despite the cold, the girl managed not only to run away from home, but also to walk about three kilometers.

It also turned out that the wild dog dingo was brought by Ayana’s brother a few months before the incident. And the girl’s parents Pat Rickard and Lisa Trevino did not want to get another one at all – they already have five dogs.

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