Bears were released near Yerevan, which were kept for fun in a restaurant

The brown bears Dasha and Masha don’t know what a free life is. For as long as they can remember, they have been forced to sit in cramped cages in front of the customers of a restaurant in the suburbs of Yerevan. People used to throw leftovers at them and so they were having fun.Such a terrible reality is not uncommon for bears in Armenia.

According to the volunteers, about a hundred bonded clubfoots spend their lives in such a barbaric way, being living as a toys for well-fed visitors to Armenian restaurants. In the case of Masha and Dasha, employees of a local animal rescue organization, together with the British community International Animal Rescue, got down to business. The media raised an information noise and the bears were released.The animals were kept in appalling conditions, without proper food and fresh water.Volunteers managed to achieve the release of clubfoot and transport them to a special mountain shelter

Dasha and Masha were in an extremely neglected state, since the owners did not consider it necessary to properly feed, clean and keep the animals in proper conditions.The bear cages were cut up, and the animals were temporarily euthanized in order to be transported in a box to a special shelter located in the mountains of Armenia. Money for this was donated by caring people collected from all over the world.

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