Australians gives each other crocodiles for Christmas

In Australia, there is a strange trend – to give live crocodiles for Christmas. According to the owner of the crocodile farm, Giovanna Webb, there is a special influx of buyers just before the mentioned winter holiday.

“Its seems like people gone crazy… Everyone wants a little crocodile,” says Giovanna.Until reaching 60 centimeters in length, the reptile is allowed to be kept at home, and then it must be returned to the farm.To purchase such a gift in the Northern part of Australia, you need to have a special permission from the authorities.

So, theycan be kept no longer than 60 centimeters, and after the reptile matures, it must be returned to the farm. There are no such restrictions in rural areas. “Some of my friends used to have big swimming pools. But not anymore, because their pool is now owned by a crocodile,” Webb jokes.

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