After the death of the owner, the cat comes to cry every day at his grave

On the island of Java in Indonesia, a young man at the cemetery, noticed a cat sitting near to one of the tombstones. It made sounds, somewhat reminiscent of children’s crying and sobbing.

The man decided something for himself.Keli Kininhau left food and water for the cat, but when he returned the next day, he found it all intact. The cat didn’t look homeless, it just seemed very tired. Keli decided to watch the animal for a while to understand what keeps the cat in such a gloomy place.

As it turned out a little later, a year ago, the owner of this cat died, who was buried exactly where the four-legged pet now sits all the time. It visits its friend’s new place of residence to cry and mourn for him, and also, most likely, to sleep with him as before.The man decided to take care of the pet so that it would not die of hunger or thirst.

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