A kitten born with a disability was cured thanks to a dog

Usually there arent many happy animals in the shelter, but one of the kittens is much sadder than the others. The kitten really wanted to play, but as soon as it took a few steps, the cat fell. It got injuries in back.A year and a half ago, in one of the shelters, a stray cat went through a difficult birth, she even had a caesarean section, she gave birth to eight babies at once.

One of the kittens and the cat herself did not survive. Six kittens were not in very good condition, but the seventh one suffered a spinal injury, the bones fused with cartilage, and a pinched nerve prevented him from moving normally. The kitten was named Kramer.The baby could not even walk normally, and if it tried to jump, it would fall helplessly to the ground.

Kramer had an assertive nature. Doctors could not give any forecasts. The kitten was given into good hands and a dog named Winston lived with it there, who immediately began to take care of the baby, the dog was constantly with Kramer, fed it and licked it.The owners nicknamed the dog “Mr. Mom” for its incredible care. The most amazing thing was that Winston taught the kitten to cope with illness and maintain balance, despite the pain.By the time Kramer was a year old, it was almost cured, it became a big beautiful cat who still sleeps with its friend, and sometimes even replaces its pillow.

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