A husky dog saved a child from Georgia’s most poisonous snake

A husky breed dog saved a 5-year-old child from the bite of the most poisonous snake in Georgia, Gyurza, but the dog was seriously injured.

The incident took place in the resort town of Tabahmela (Kwemo Kartli district). Vakhtang Lomjaria, head of the animal monitoring agency of Tbilisi Municipality, spread the information about the dog’s heroism. “Imagine a backyard in Tabahmela where parents wonder if their five-year-old child is safe with a dog. They are playing, having fun and suddenly the dog starts barking loudly.

He fights with someone, and that someone is the most dangerous snake in Georgia, the gyurza, which, to our surprise, decided to “walk” in the windy city. Unfortunately, the snake managed to bite the dog,” Lomjaria wrote on his Facebook page. According to him, the family took the dog to the clinic and despite its serious condition, it was saved.

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