A dog named Baby from Maryland Shelter cries loudly every night

In Maryland, there is a homeless animal shelter where the seven-year-old dog named Baby lives, which seems to be a cheerful pet. And she really is, but not everything is so simple in her life .If someone comes to visit her, she immediately wags her tail and shows all her toys.

However, Baby has one secret. The dog came to the shelter a year ago, before that she lived in a family, but one day she lost everything she loved. Once the owner came with her to the shelter and said that she could no longer take care of her. The woman referred to the fact that she has two children and a job where she is from morning to evening, and the dog sits at home alone for 16 hours and destroys everything around.

The staff tried to persuade the woman to visit Baby at least once in a while, but she left and never came back. After that, the dog behaves every day as if nothing had happened, but at night she starts to cry. According to the staff of the center, all the dogs bow their heads and mourn with Baby.One of the center workers says that sometimes shes coming to the dog at nights and puts her head on the girl’s lap. The eyes of the pet seem to ask, “When will they return?”

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