A cat from the “Republic of Cats” became famous for his math abilities

Lets agree, that you wont often meet a cat who knows how to subtract, add or calculate the square root. In the Republic of Cats cafe in St. Petersburg, a four-legged client named Maru is distinguished by his mathematical inclinations.

After receiving the treat, Maru gladly demonstrated in front of the camera the ability to add and subtract prime numbers, calculate the square root of nine. Maru gives the correct answers by pressing the bell button.Employees of the cat cafe say that Maru is still a young cat – it is just over three years old. The pet has been living in the “Republic of Cats” for several years.

The cat received an unusual name in honor of the Japanese relative, who became famous on the YouTube channel. Many people noticed the obvious similarities between the two cats, so the decision was made.

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