The famous actress, who performed for more than 80 years, recently celebrated her 96th birthday

She was quite young when she started her career, and today she already has an 80-year career history filled with many awards.

It’s about stunning actress Angela Lansbury. She was only 17 years old when she took her first steps in her profession.

It can be called “right place, right time”, which was the first casting of her career.

Angela was 9years old when her father died of cancer and she admitted that nothing affected the life of the actress as much as her father’s death.

However, she was devoted to acting with all her heart and soul.

She was first cast in her debut role as a coquettish maid, and her portrayal of the role led to a new deal and her first Oscar nomination.

After achieving success in many films, she already decided to enter television industry, where success was not long in coming.

Angela even managed to marry the artist Richard Cromwell at the age of 19, but the union did not even last a year, because after some time it was revealed that her husband was gay.

However, according to the actress, Lansbury’s second marriage was “wonderful”.

The couple apparently managed to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Her husband even gave up his job as an agent so he could support his wife in advancing her television career.

Thus they supported each other in every matter. But the couple were on the verge of losing their two children to drugs.

Everything was not so easy, but luckily they managed to save them.

Years later, Angela’s husband had heart failure, as a result of which the actress fell into deep melancholy. The couple was married for 54years.

It was quite a difficult and gloomy period for her, but she noted that one factor helped her get out of that situation: persistence.

Later, she was invited to star in a new film, which, although it was quite difficult, the work also allowed her to somehow restart her career.

The famous actress said in one of the last interviews that she plans to retire soon as she recently turned 96 and expressed her gratitude for having the opportunity to share it with her children and grandchildren.

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