5 week old puppy found abandoned in a plastic bag – crying and covered in worms

According to the publication, workers at “Dog Rescue Coolronan” come find an underweight and defenseless 5-week-old puppy named Bobby.

Bobby was wrapped in a plastic bag, worm-infested, and abandoned behind the bushes.

Furthermore, he was suffocating, hungry, and wailing for his mother. Bobby was immediately transported to the vet, but his survival was uncertain.

Bobby had weak back legs and required his mother to milk him badly.

Moreover, Bobby’s condition shattered the heart of the shelter’s administrator, Chris Kelly.

He chose to personally supervise Bobby’s care to ensure that he had a reasonable chance of survival.

Bobby’s health improved dramatically after a week. He has established a strong appetite and does not appear to be losing weight.

According to the shelter, he has a particular affinity with every human he meets! Bobby’s sweetness enchanted everyone, and he got over 600 adoption requests in a short amount of time.

Chris, on the other hand, has announced that he would be adopting Bobby himself since he has created an unbreakable link with the adorable youngster.

Bobby’s story of abandonment, he believes, may help raise awareness of animal abuse.

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