A two-legged dog lived in Kentucky for many years

A dog named Rody from Kentucky was only ten months old when it was hit by a freight train. The wounded, bleeding puppy lay for two days next to the railway tracks until it was noticed by the driver of a passing train. An attempt to shoot Rody did not lead to anything – the gun misfired.

Rody was taken in by a doctor Mike Griffit at a local veterinary clinic, as the real owner abandoned its once beloved pet. Rody had two legs amputated, but the dog’s life did not end there, because it learned to run on the remaining two. According to Griffith, the dog in its youth ran on one pair of paws in the same way that others run on four healthy legs.

Fourteen years later, Rody was hardly get up and walk on one pair of paws. Any movement cost the poor man incredible effort, so Mike Griffith had to make the difficult decision to put the pet to sleep, thereby alleviating his suffering. “Now run on all fours, buddy,” he told Rody before he set off for his dog paradise.

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