Cute baby elephant spotted having tons of fun with mud during the drought

The world of children is a world of adventure.

We used to have a variety of fun games to play as kids, and it’s likely that infant animals may come up with their own methods to occupy themselves as well.

They may not have a plethora of expensive toys or expansive playgrounds, but they know how to make the most of the little things in life.

In these adorable photos, a newborn elephant can be seen playing under the dirt in the hot summer weather.

Meanwhile, his herd was out hunting for water, which had become limited owing to the drought at the time.

That magnificent image occurred at Kruger National Park, one of Northern Africa’s greatest game reserves with a high density of wild animals.

Plus, and was recorded by a lucky tourist called Maureen Gibson.

According to the 73-year-old pensioner from the Eastern Cape, many animals in the park have had a difficult time, and these gentle giants are no exception.

Despite the fact that all the grownups were preoccupied with their own difficult assignment, our adorable young kid was able to enjoy a good time on his own.

It appeared to be the first time he encountered that small “heaven.”

He adored it so much that even his mother couldn’t keep him from having a good time there.

Needless to say, being able to witness such a joyful occasion is always a pleasure, especially for animal lovers.

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